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Energy Practicioners

“We are not medical bodies, we are mystical bodies”

-Nevine Michaan-

Soul Healers

“Emotional balance is within your reach.”

-Bo Forbes-

Graceful Yogis

“Do a practice that is stronger than you are.”

-Patricia Walden-



to Rockin'Yogi

We dream in original designs, natural gemstones and ethically sourced treasures. We believe that everything has a meaning and a sense of purpose. We are inspired by the beauty found in yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Meditation is like a seed.

When you cultivate a seed with love

the more it blossoms

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Strategies To Reach Happiness

How To Reach Happiness ? Lately, a study evaluated some of the best strategies that people follow to reach happiness, getting to know which strategies are the most effective. (Sonja Lyubomirski’s book ‘The How of Happiness’) Based on this study, 60% of our positive feelings and 70% of our ... READ the POST

How to use a crystal grid ?

How to use a crystal grid ? A crystal grid refers to the arrangement of crystals and stones on a specific geometric shape, following patterns that will focus energies in particular way or purpose. A crystal grid is a powerful tool to hold and manifest your intention. It is said to combine the ... READ the POST

How to create a sacred space for meditation

  How to create a sacred space for meditation Creating a sacred space at home for yoga, meditation or simply to practice stillness is very beneficial. Home meditation will bring you peace and tranquility in a familiar place. Enjoy the feeling of being safe and comfort. Definitely, this is ... READ the POST